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Regions Finds Increased Investment From Business Owners

Regions Next Step, Regions Bank’s financial education program, recently surveyed small business owners and found that nearly half (46%) have invested more money in...

Auburn, Regions Partner on Financial Wellness Education

Auburn University is the first college to partner with Regions Bank on a program that will offer financial wellness tools to students, faculty, staff...

Regions Donates $75,000 to Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Birmingham-based Regions Bank has donated $75,000 to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, a tenth of the total goal set by BCRI to keep its...

The Fast Track of Digital Banking

Banks are spending billions on digital banking, balancing customer demands for speed and safety.

Alabama’s Largest Bank Goes to Drive-Thru Only

In the wake of the coronavirus, Alabama’s largest bank by total assets announced it was taking measures to limit in-person branch-banking services. Regions Bank branches...

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