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Alabama researchers discover ways to extend battery life

University of Alabama researchers look at ways to continue using EV batteries long after they stop powering vehicles.

Creating today’s high schools in Alabama is complex and rewarding

Goodwyn Mills Cawood and Doster Construction are two of Alabama's contractors building new learning environments.

Calhoun, Wallace community colleges offer programs for females only

Alabama's community colleges are recognizing a new interest in welding, offering a number of programs for students currently in high school.

New welding center opens at Wallace State

Up-to-date technology prepares students in four main welding processes, as well as principles of weld inspection and testing.

What Alabama banks are doing to attract customers in a tech-driven world

Bankers across the state discuss balancing in-person and digital offerings.

Businesses benefit from the experience of an insurance agent

Carefully crafting your business coverage with an agent allows for collaboration on how to get the most protection out of your policy.

How Alabama insurance companies are dealing with digital, including cyber threats

The same interactions that make business flow more quickly can leave that business vulnerable to attack from half a world away.

When legal issues loom, small businesses are wise to think outside their own offices

Hiring an outside attorney can be advantageous for smaller businesses.

Troy Bank charter keeps it close to home

A trust created by the bank's founder solidifies its future as an Alabama-based bank.

Finding significant value in pursuing diversity

Alabama companies find significant value in pursuing diversity, launching new initiatives on inclusion.

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