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China Trade War, Draught Clip Cotton

The China trade war and draught will hit U.S. cotton growers hard again in 2020, including Alabama, the ninth largest producing state, where cotton...

Toyota Releases 2019 North American Environmental Report

Climate change, resource depletion and habitat loss are among the top concerns addressed in the release of a new Toyota Motor Corp. environmental update...

How it Works: Local Food Farming

An insurance executive transforms himself into a small farmer —a locally sourced food entrepreneur.

1818 Farms Wins Top, First-Ever Amazon Award

Amazon recently named Mooresville, Alabama-based 1818 Farms as its Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year, in Amazon's first-ever U.S. Small Business Spotlight Awards. Owned and...

Vulcan Materials Underwrites Family Forest Carbon Program

Trees thrive on carbon dioxide, and families independently own most trees in the U.S. Why not reward those families for reducing carbon in the...

Auburn’s New Poultry Farm a 30-Acre Wonder

Auburn University’s Department of Poultry Science, with help from the National Poultry Technology Center, is building the national’s top poultry research and education facility. The...

All Business on the Farm: 1818 Farms

One of Alabama's most successful e-companies is also one of the most traditional makers. The company is 1818 Farms, a brand that has taken...

Ag Credit Boosts Alabama-Grown Initiative

Sweet Grown Alabama, the state’s new agricultural branding initiative, recently welcomed Alabama Ag Credit as a founding member of the program. Sweet Grown Alabama is...

Life Lessons from the Farm

Jones Valley Teaching Farm offers a 12-year learning course through seven partner schools, using horticulture to teach a bounty of life skills, including mathematics, biology and business management.

AL Forest Pros Talk Worker Supply

Workforce development impacts not only industries the state is attempting to attract but also existing industries, including one of the state's largest and oldest,...

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