Environment, Forestry and Agriculture

The Farmer’s Chief Executive

Jimmy Parnell grew up knowing what it meant to work literally until the cows came home. As a child at his family’s Chilton County...

Chicken a la Cubana

Americans love chicken — no surprise here — especially white meat, consuming an average of more than 80 pounds per person per year....

A Big Piece of Wood Work

Making a wooden pallet is not a high-end craft. But building and running the biggest pallet, dunnage and custom crate business in Alabama and the Mississippi/Florida Gulf Coast is a feat that really stacks up.

A Business Model for Organic Farming

It’s a chilly 42 degrees outside on a November afternoon, but inside a covered “tunnel house” on New South Organic Farm near Moundville...

The Farmer's Alchemist

There’s oil in them there … corn cobs? A Tuscaloosa-based company certainly thinks so. Inventure Renewables has created a process to take basic...

Modernizing Water Management—Alabama’s Long Haul

If there is any question about the value of water, consider that most people would die in three days without it. Necessary...

Taking Chicken Carbon Neutral

Davis Lee understands the challenges of the poultry industry. He raised chickens as a boy growing up in North Carolina in the ’40s...

Alabama Timber’s Sustainability Stockpile

Did you know that trees from Alabama may be keeping the lights on at Buckingham Palace? Wood pellets from Alabama and a...

Healthy Crop of Second-Career Farmers

A 1996 civil engineering graduate from the University of Alabama, Trent Boyd was working for a building and excavation contractor in Birmingham...

Big Data on the Farm

Don and Brian Glenn started looking into the use of automated data collection on their Hillsboro farm in the mid-1990s to help improve...

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Market Volatility: Weighing the Wide Swings

Why what happened in 2018 is not out of the ordinary. Why not to overreact.

Spotlight on Montgomery County

Montgomery County, in central Alabama, is part of the state’s River Region and is home to the state’s capital city, Montgomery.

Airbus Breaks Ground on New Assembly Line in Mobile

When the new Airbus A220 line gears up, Mobile will be the fourth largest producer of commercial aircraft in the world.

Birmingham Scrutinizes its Workforce

Birmingham put the numbers to its job market and found a lot of work to be done. For one, its IT segment grew 77 percent in five years, creating a job gap that will grow over the next decade.

Winning the Plant, Finding the Workforce

Alabama auto industry ramps up workforce development efforts in advance of the new Mazda Toyota plant.