Environment, Forestry and Agriculture

Bring on the Birds — Dove Hunting in Alabama

Alabama dove hunters spend more than 100,000 days afield each year and harvest more than 1 million doves, reports the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. "Dove...

ADAI Now Accepting Hemp Applications for 2020

After a brief delay, the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries is now accepting hemp applications from eligible growers, processors/handlers and universities.

Auburn Research Quickly Generates Drought Forecast Tool

Climate research led by Auburn University Professor Sanjiv Kumar has provided the basis of a pioneering new outlook product that is capable of forecasting drought.

Website Maps Southern Timber Supplies

Southern Timber Supply Analysis website unveiled – first application of its kind in the nation

Hemp Growers Need Not Apply (Yet) for 2020

Just as people were getting used to seeing hemp fields here and there in Alabama, the federal government has thrown a wrinkle into the process.

Fed Relief for AL Farms Hit by Disasters

Alabama farmers who have been impacted by natural disasters in 2018 and 2019 can now apply for federal assistance.

Family Farm Relief Bill Proposed by Jones, Grassley Signed into Law

Bipartisan legislation to help family farmers avoid bankruptcy has been signed into law by President Donald Trump.

Huntsville Invests in Downtown Nature Preserve

Conservation efforts in Huntsville have received a boost from its local citizens, expanding by 13 percent a downtown nature preserve established with contributions from big corporate employers.

Branding the Locally Grown Movement in Alabama

Looking for locally grown food? Now you can look for the Sweet Grown Alabama logo and know that the product is grown by an...

Eat the Invaders: A Restaurateur’s Take on Restoring Nature’s Balance

An accomplished chef on Alabama’s beachfront is introducing diners to the delights of an invasive species.

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