The Business Alabama Podcast

The Business Alabama podcast is a weekly show that brings the people and pages of Business Alabama magazine to life. Each Friday, the podcast will feature a company CEO or other business figure talking about how they got their start, the challenges facing their sector and anything else that might be on their mind.

Hosted by: Alec Harvey |


Podcast: David Maluff on Full Moon Bar-B-Que, the restaurant chain he owns with his...

This week’s episode of the Business Alabama podcast features David Maluff, who, along with his brother, Joe, owns Full Moon Bar-B-Que

Podcast: Abe Harper and Dave King on the Alabama Innovation Corporation

Abe Harper and Dave King talk about their work on the Alabama Innovation Corporation.

Podcast: Ryan Hankins on PARCA’s mission and its recent report on Medicaid expansion

Ryan Hankins, executive director of PARCA, talks about the organization's work and its report on expanding Medicaid in Alabama.

Podcast: Devin Ford on the Focus Women’s Conference coming up in Mobile

Devin Ford, founder of Focus Women's Conference, is the guest this week on the Business Alabama podcast.

Podcast: Lee Sentell on Alabama tourism and embracing the state’s civil rights history

Longtime Alabama Tourism Director Lee Sentell talks about the state embracing its civil rights history and his new book focusing on it.

Podcast: Buddy Lockwood on Artemis Shielding and its lead-free, non-toxic process

Artemis Shielding CEO Buddy Lockwood on how his Fort Payne company is shielding people from radiation

Podcast: Mark Tina on 5G, the Jetsons and the future of broadband in Alabama

Mark Tina, Verizon's vice president for business sales, talks about what his company and others are doing during this ‘digital transformation’


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