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The Oldest Good Buddy of Telecommunications

Nobody from the smartphone generations carries a memory of one of the most enduring products in telecommunications history — an image like Broderick Crawford...

Get New Cyber Security Creds for Defense Contracts

October 2020 is a looming deadline for all Alabama companies who contract with or plan to contract with the Department of Defense. That's the date...

HudsonAlpha and Associates Generating Array of Covid Initiatives

While the world continues its fight against novel coronavirus, researchers and private industry have banded together in order to slow the spread of the...

Markstein Wins Role in COVID-19 Fight

Agency supporting response and awareness initiative

Immune Systems Studied for COVID-19 Treatment

Huntsville Hospital has teamed up with HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and iRepertoire Inc. to study local patients diagnosed with Covid-19 to see how their...

The Fast Track of Digital Banking

Banks are spending billions on digital banking, balancing customer demands for speed and safety.

Birmingham Tech Used to Help Produce a COVID-19 Vaccine

TriAltus Bioscience LLC’s protein purification technology — licensed by the University of Alabama in Birmingham — is being used to support research into a...

HudsonAlpha, EAMC Offer Genetic Testing to Audit Effectiveness of Cholesterol Medications

Some employees at East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika will have the option of participating in a genetic screening program to test the effectiveness...

Otelco Reflects COVID Internet Surge in Rural Alabama

A small internet service provider in North Alabama gives a good insight into how the virus crisis is affecting internet usage in more rural...

Alabama-Targeted Food & Drink App

Can I get take out at my favorite restaurant? Check the app. The Alabama Food & Drink App may not have been created for the...

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