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Retrospect: Turning little rocks into big business

The early years of the Birmingham Slag Co., which was later acquired and became Vulcan Materials Co.

Retrospect: Roanoke’s Ella Smith Doll Company

Ella Smith was determined to produce an indestructible child's toy.

Retrospect: Renowned veterinary surgeon Peter Joseph Patt

Mobile vet treated horses, created cure-alls for man and beast and transitioned his downtown stables to auto parking as times changed.

Retrospect: Birmingham’s first banker

Charles Linn established the National Bank of Birmingham, becoming Birmingham's first banker.

Retrospect: First Harvest

A farmer, a banker and the power of the peanut changed Coffee County forever, as memorialized in this bronze panel at Alabama Bicentennial Park.

Retrospect: Alabama’s Loom Towns

Avondale Mills was founded in Birmingham in 1897 but at its height employed 7,000 workers throughout the state.

The Yuille Family & the Mobile Steam Bakery

Started by Gavin Yuille, and maintained by two subsequent generations, Yuille’s Mobile Steam Bakery survived for nearly a century. 

Retrospect: Construction of the Alabama Midland Railroad

In the 1880s, the Alabama Midland Railroad took shape. It stretched from Montgomery to Bainbridge, Georgia, cutting through the Wiregrass.

Retrospect: Alabama’s Daniel Pratt and his early cotton gins

Prattville namesake Daniel Pratt made his name in cotton gins

Retrospect: Selling Alabama stone

The Moretti-Harrah Marble Company's championing of Sylacauga marble. Pictured is the interior of the U.S. Supreme Court building.

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