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Retrospect: The Alabama origins of Olan Mills Inc.

The Nation's Studio blended Olan Mills' business savvy with Mary Mills' artistry to create portraits of citizens across the U.S.

Retrospect: The Selma Ordnance and Naval Foundry

Selma was key for the Confederacy, building cannon, small arms ammunition and outfitting ironclad vessels.

Retrospect: An Alabama woman invents a standard part on today’s autos

Alabamian Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper, filing a patent in 1903.

Builder Horace King left an elegant legacy in Alabama

From bridges to the staircase in the Alabama State Capitol to his stint as an Alabama state representative, Horace King left a legacy that endures

Retrospect: Charles T. Pollard was Alabama’s train pioneer

Charles T. Pollard was Alabama's train pioneer, creating a line that stretched from Selma, Alabama, to West Point, Georgia.

Retrospect: Requiem for Alabama-made Golden Flake snacks

While the kettles have stopped frying chips in Birmingham, Golden Flake snacks are still available on grocery shelves.

Retrospect: The Wright Brothers fly high over Montgomery in 1910

Orville Wright was an instructor at the first civilian flight school in the country in Montgomery.

Retrospect: The haircare empire of Velberta and Preston Chestnut

Preston and Velberta Chestnut launched their haircare products line through the Hair Research Laboratories Inc.

Retrospect: ACIPCO President John J. Eagan applied “Golden Rule” to industry

A man of faith, John J. Eagan believed that workers had a rightful share in the company they helped build.

Retrospect: The saga of the 1914 Montgomery Billikens

Montgomery's history with baseball dates back to 1860s but it hasn't always been successful.

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