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Company updates and stories from Business Alabama’s digital partners

Building on plant genomics success, HudsonAlpha expands AgTech innovation ecosystem

By the year 2050, experts predict that the world’s population will be 9.7 billion people, nearly 2 billion more than currently inhabit our planet....

North Alabama Mural Trail

North Alabama Mural Trail encourages residents and visitors alike to view incredible street art paintings while learning the cities' history.

All Aboard

Locals and visitors are invited on a railroad-themed journey across North Alabama. From Elkmont to Oneonta and Red Bay to Bridgeport, the North Alabama Train...

Huddle House Targeting Alabama Markets to Skyrocket Southern Growth

Local Entrepreneurs Have Opportunity to Invest with the Legacy Brand

For three consecutive years, Leavell Investment Management has been ranked CNBC’s Top 100 Financial...

(Mobile, Ala.) — For three consecutive years, Alabama-headquartered Leavell Investment Management, Inc. has been included in the CNBC FA 100, a list of top-rated...

Step Into a World of Travel in North Alabama

For your next getaway, step into a world of travel in north Alabama. Trek along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and discover some...

Old Fashioned B2B Relationship Vital for Alabama Farm and Bank

With BankFirst having a personal relationship with your bank is never "old fashioned."

Nine innovative startups bring the future of energy to Birmingham

On Dec. 7, startup founders with Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator present their ideas.

Auburn University leads regional transportation and infrastructure research

Auburn University has held the pole position in regional transportation and infrastructure research for decades.That won’t be ending any time soon.In early 2021, Auburn...

A Bad “Terms” Breakup Leads to Hope through BankFirst

Misled, hopeless and frustrated. That’s how married Air Force Veterans, Teresa and Michael Downing, felt after their prayerful decision to purchase an almost 40-year-old,...

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