Technology and Innovation

Surviving and Thriving in Dog-Eat-Dog E-Commerce

Veterinary Internet ships vet supplies to 38 states and four continents, makes swift adaptations in IT, inventory and marketplaces, and stays a nip ahead of Amazon.

Birmingham Nets Data Center Packing $785M Potential

DC BLOX has announced plans for a Birmingham data center with a $785 million investment potential over the next 10 years.

Huntsville Lands $750M Facebook Data Center

A Facebook data center will begin to take shape in Huntsville later this year to host photos, videos and news.

Tennis Ball Fetching Robot on Kickstarter

Business Alabama has been following the progress of Tennibot, the tennis court-roaming robot that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to...

Small Town Fiber Fest: From Zero to Gigabit Hero

ABOVE Adtran Vice President of Marketing Gary Bolton, far right, moderates a session on acquiring gig status. They came from Dothan and Decatur, Columbiana and...

A Life-Critical Hedge Bet

VAP Diagnostics’ cholesterol test solves the 60 percent inaccuracy of standard tests. New investors bet this critical technology will flourish, after an earlier fumble by private equity.

A Look at the Biosciences Industry in Alabama

Peggy Sammon, CEO, GeneCapture Inc. and Chair, BIO Alabama ...

Alabama Biotech Investment 101

A strong support network has led Alabama biotechs to land $101 million in venture capital since 2012. Working in one of the toughest investment sectors, research-based startups have well defined paths to commercial success on home turf.

Lightning Swift Jackpot Cashout

Four years from launch to cashout, Shipt’s $550 million sale to Target is a new high for Alabama startups and a beacon for Birmingham’s emerging community of business innovators.

Shoals Shift

In contrast to a local history trodden by industry giants, Shoals leaders are focused on cultivating homegrown enterprises built for digital speed.

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