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Meet the innovators of a promising new startup that is revolutionizing tax software

The founders of The Wiz Group saw a need for speeding up tax preparation but when they couldn't find a software to help the process, they created their own.

Child care dilemma

Initiatives around Alabama aim to increase access to child care for the workforce.

New Birmingham construction company Pylon aims to open opportunities

Pylon Building Group hopes to help minority contractors get more work.

Spotlight: Houston and Henry counties

These Southeast counties boast a variety of industrial employers, medical facilities and recreational opportunities.

Spotlight on Houston & Henry: Economic Engines

Agribusiness, aviation, manufacturing, logistics, retail and more make up Houston and Henry counties' economies.

Spotlight on Houston & Henry: Health Care

Six hospitals serve residents and visitors to Houston and Henry counties.

Spotlight on Houston & Henry: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities in Houston and Henry counties, including Headland Mayor Ray Marler.

Spotlight on Houston & Henry: Higher Education

Four institutions of higher learning provide certificate and degree options for area residents, including Wallace Community College.

Spotlight on Houston & Henry: Community Development

These two counties are enhancing cultural options, improving downtowns and more.

Spotlight on Houston & Henry: Culture & Recreation

Dothan Opera House, Landmark Park, sports complexes and more attract visitors to the area.

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