Environment, Forestry and Agriculture

NOAA awards funding for three projects affecting Alabama

The Nature Conservancy in Alabama to head up two of the three projects at more than $27 million.

Enviva receives revised permit from ADEM

The revised permit enables Enviva to build a biomass production facility in Epes.

Georgia-Pacific awards $100,000 to Auburn University

Georgia-Pacific has donated $100,000 to Auburn University to fund a new digester, allowing engineering students to test a patented papermaking innovation.

Computerized Crunch: Even a job like stump removal is impacted by technology

K&S Professional Stump Removal, of Mobile, uses a stump removal machine that uses remote sensing and remote controls to maneuver.

Drax increases access to the biomass market

The company is partnering with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives to reach African American farmers.

Woolpert wins $50M Corps coastal mapping contract

Woolpert Inc. has been chosen for a $49.9 million coastal mapping project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District.

Domain Timber acquires nearly 3,400 acres of timberland

Domain Timber Advisors LLC has acquired nearly 3,400 acres of timberland in Alabama and Georgia. The Alabama tract has 1,360 acres.

Fiddlesticks is catching fire in the fire-starting industry

Built on a foundation of wood waste, Fiddlesticks LLC is gaining renown for its signature fire starters, as well as cooking wood, firewood and lump charcoal.

UA awarded $360M to lead national water effort

A $360 million grant to the University of Alabama, the largest in the university’s history, will make UA a leader in water research that leads to predicting water-related hazards and managing water resources

UA at the forefront of water studies

the U.S. Geological Survey joins forces with the University of Alabama to create a state-of-the-art Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility

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