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Luckie establishes practice for health care brands

Luckie, the Birmingham-based marketing agency, has launched Luckie Health, a dedicated practice within the agency for health care marketing

Stephanie Naman

Stephanie Naman has been promoted to executive creative director at marketing solutions agency Luckie. She will be responsible for advancing Luckie’s creative vision, taking...

Carolyn Dateo

  Carolyn Dateo has joined Luckie as the agency’s first chief strategy officer. She will lead branding efforts for the marketing solutions agency. Dateo has spent...
Alexander Shunnarah portrait

Podcast: Billboard king Alexander Shunnarah on continued law firm growth

Alexander Shunnarah, founder of the law firm that bears his name, talks about his start in law, how he decides where to expand and, yes, those billboards.

How Advertising Works Now: Insights from Big’s New President

What companies should be shopping for in the current digital marketplace

Red Square Grows with Tribal Casino Gaming Expertise

Ad agency Red Square built a foundation for national growth by developing — from the start of the industry — an expertise in tribal casino gaming.

Auburn Marketing Expert Eyes Google Shopping Rollout

Dr. Brian Bourdeau, associate professor of marketing in Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, comments on the Google Shopping plan that would allow customers to buy directly through Google.

Go Behind the Billboards with Alexander Shunnarah

The king of Alabama mass-marketing plaintiff attorneys tells us his back story.

Animals, Celebrities, Old Movie Trailers…What Works in Super Bowl Advertising

Dr. Linda Ferrell, professor and chair of the Department of Marketing in Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, dishes super secrets about Super Bowl ads

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