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O’Neal Industries Turns 100

At the Metals Service Center Institute’s 2020 annual meeting, its chairman of the board shared his outlook for the industry and said more metal will...

Hyper Threat

Hypersonics research launches Huntsville into the center of 21st century arms race.

Pandemic Policy Provisions

COVID-19 triggers lawsuits in both state and federal courts over business interruption claims.

A Fearful Wild Ride

“The stairs take the market up and the elevator takes it down,” it’s said, and the brain trust of Alabama wealth managers we interviewed added the footnotes and admonitions top to bottom.

Trucking: A Problem-Solving Industry

COVID-19 has highlighted the vast impact trucking has on America’s economy, but it also has added challenges, such as a delay in CDL testing for new drivers.

The Fast Track of Digital Banking

Banks are spending billions on digital banking, balancing customer demands for speed and safety.

Strategic Generics

Auburn-based Vitruvias develops lower-cost generic drugs and profits by pinpointing niches in the health spectrum. Its location takes advantage of talent from Auburn University and its School of Pharmacy.

Prioritizing Prisons

State officials hope a build-lease approach to new prisons will be the key to solving Alabama’s chronic prison overcrowding. But details are scarce.

Alabama’s Medicaid Limbo

Legislators have become convinced of the net benefits of extending Medicaid, but they’re stuck on the horns of budget earmarking. Maybe the lottery issue, too.

New Venture Capital Fund Yields Early Returns

In its first year of investments, the $25 million Alabama Futures Fund has spurred four promising young tech companies to move their headquarters to Alabama.

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