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Alexander Shunnarah

About 200. That’s how many billboards Alexander Shunnarah estimates it takes to blanket a city the size of Pensacola. And he should know – he has 2,500 of them throughout the Southeast.

This week’s episode of the Business Alabama podcast features Shunnarah, whose personal injury law firm keeps growing. Shunnarah talks about that growth, his business (and life) philosophy and how he unwinds when he gets a chance to do that. He also talks about how law is all-encompassing.

“I realized that the law was in everything,” he says.  “You’ve got God’s law, you’ve got man’s law, and you’ve got universal laws, like gravity. … Anything we see, anything we touch, anything we do, you cannot escape the law. … It’s fascinating to me that the law encapsulates everything. There’s nothing that the law doesn’t touch.”

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