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When legal issues loom, small businesses are wise to think outside their own offices

Hiring an outside attorney can be advantageous for smaller businesses.

Legal careers without law school

People who are interested in working in the court system don’t have to attend law school to work in the field.
Alexander Shunnarah portrait

Podcast: Billboard king Alexander Shunnarah on continued law firm growth

Alexander Shunnarah, founder of the law firm that bears his name, talks about his start in law, how he decides where to expand and, yes, those billboards.

Alexander Shunnarah Launches New Law Firm

Alexander Shunnarah, founder and CEO of Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys PC, has launched a new law firm with former Hollis, Wright & Clay PC...

Brute Forces Unchanged in Poultry, Suit Claims

Koch Foods Inc., one of a handful of giant food companies that dominate chicken production in the U.S., is defendant in a civil rights...

Monopoly Has Stranglehold on Radiopharmaceuticals, Suit Claims

Plaintiffs in an anti-trust suit in U.S. District Court in Mobile say one of the largest makers of radiology medicine in the country is...

Flora-Bama Rolls Tide in Florida Court

The Flora-Bama, the little landmark Alabama bar on the Gulf coast, will have its day in court against broadcast giant Viacom, following an Oct....

Alabama’s New Equal Pay Law — A Compliance Resource

Alabama has now joined a growing number of states that have recently enacted pay equity laws. In all, 49 states have an equal pay...

A Hall of Fame $11.8 Billion Win for Alabama

A judgment of $11.8 billion against ExxonMobil on behalf of the State of Alabama recently won the state's attorney firm in that case a...

Online Dental Work? AL Officials Don’t Smile, Get Sued

Alabama is one of only two states whose dental boards have challenged SmileDirectClub, the fast-growing e-commerce upstart that sells tooth-straightening procedures by way of the internet.

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