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Guest Column: Foundational changes needed to grow Alabama’s workforce

Alabama Community College System believes a bold change centered on high school students and adults is needed.

Guest Column: Focusing on the next level of the workforce

To eliminate ‘Help Wanted’ signs, we must shift our focus to labor force participation. The Ivey Administration is doing that.

Workforce: Robots at the ready

How an idea to help Alabama businesses retain employees became a draw for companies to locate in the state.

Tackling Alabama’s worker shortage

The new Alabama Community College System Innovation Center offers state-of-the-art workforce training.

Northwest-Shoals enters agreement to train Pilgrim’s employees

The Better Futures program provides scholarships to Pilgrim’s employees and their dependents at Northwest-Shoals Community College.

A pipeline for the construction industry

Skilled Trades of West Alabama is training the workers of tomorrow.

Cooperative investment in a coastal workforce — the Gateway Initiative

South Baldwin County creates Gateway Initiative to recruit and train workers for careers in hospitality and tourism.

Shoals seeks to pay remote workers to relocate to the area

In the fall of 2020 Shannon Milliman was looking for remote employment. Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that a lot more work-from-home opportunities were...

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