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Guest column: How digital managers are revolutionizing business revenue strategy

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, precision is paramount. We explore four ways digital marketers are helping drive revenue.

Guest Column: The Corporate Transparency Act adds administrative burden to companies

The Corporate Transparency Act is now in effect and will impact businesses of all sizes.

Guest Column: Foundational changes needed to grow Alabama’s workforce

Alabama Community College System believes a bold change centered on high school students and adults is needed.

Guest Column: Expanding local investment in Opportunity Zones

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking avenues for growth should consider Opportunity Zones.

Guest Column: Protecting your business from widespread ERC scams

Misinformation and widespread scams have created pitfalls for businesses regarding the employee retention credit.

Guest column: A new class of Alabama entrepreneurs

Microbusinesses are on the rise with women accounting 71% of Alabama's solo microbusinesses.

Guest Column: If Birmingham-Southern College didn’t exist, we would pay millions to bring it...

Saving Birmingham-Southern College will pay rich economic dividends.

Guest Column: So the FTC has issued a proposed non-compete ban…what’s next?

The FTC’s proposed rule would ban employers from requiring employees from signing non-compete agreements as a condition of their employment.

Guest Column: Protecting attorney-client privilege during internal investigations

Attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine can protect the confidentiality of internal investigations.

Guest Column: Mediation to resolve business disputes

Mediating a dispute is a cost-effective alternative that may produce a favorable resolution in a timely manner.

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