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Guest Column: What your revenue isn’t saying about business health

Volume, revenue or sales activity alone are not indicators of true business health. Key performance indicators add context to your business story.

Guest Column: How businesses can be hurricane ready this Small Business Week

Hurricanes pack a punch, so now is the time to prepare your small business with free tools from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety.

Guest Column: Streamlining settlement approval for worker’s compensation claims

The permanent adoption of Rule 47 allows parties to move settlement agreements to closure much faster, saving on legal expenses.

Guest column: Public-private partnerships bring Birmingham community together

Birmingham’s greatest success stories have been rooted in public-private partnerships, including Protective Stadium.

Guest column: Credit unions good for the customer, community and economy

When a credit union purchases a bank, customers benefit

Guest column: Credit unions’ community bank acquisitions aided by tax subsidies

Despite what tax-exempt credit unions say about their taxpayer-subsidized purchases of community banks (“Credit unions buying banks is a trend on the rise,” March...

Guest Column: Let’s Focus, Alabama

Encouraging and empowering women to achieve economic and professional success is the goal of FocusWC. This year's conference is March 28.

Guest Column: How businesses in Alabama can create and keep a diverse workforce

The Great Resignation was led by women, but steps can be taken to get them back.

Guest Column: What federal contractors need to know about the vaccine mandate status

A nationwide preliminary injunction against the federal contractor vaccine mandate is currently in effect. What is your next step?

Guest Column: Is Your Commercial Building Winter Ready?

Is your commercial property ready for winter weather? Proper maintenance and preparation are the key to being ready for even the worst winter storms....

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