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Schools are getting creative in trying to attract teachers

Housing assistance, loan forgiveness, help with advanced degrees and more are offered by schools to help find and keep teachers in the classroom.

The Onin Group initiates becoming employee-owned

As part of the employee stock ownership plan, Jim Weaver was promoted to CEO of The Onin Group.

Shelton State receives $2.8 million grant for health care academy

Shelton State will work with area high schools and Bibb Medical Center on the health care academy program.

College students visit Mobile to check out job opportunities

Chamber’s Showcase Mobile project also offers a taste of the city to future prospective residents.

Guest Column: Foundational changes needed to grow Alabama’s workforce

Alabama Community College System believes a bold change centered on high school students and adults is needed.

Onin is all-in when it comes to workforce development

The Onin Group works to find teammates a job for today and a career for tomorrow.

Jacksonville State opens law enforcement college

The Southeastern Leadership Command College provides training and resources for officers at all stages of their career.

Birmingham’s Chalker Group recruits superior talent to Alabama

The Chalker Group connects qualified candidates with jobs and life in the Magic City.

Three Alabama areas are first-round finalists in the Recompete Program

Birmingham, Mobile and Phenix City areas were chosen for workforce development programs.

Calhoun, Wallace community colleges offer programs for females only

Alabama's community colleges are recognizing a new interest in welding, offering a number of programs for students currently in high school.

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