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Guest Column: Is COVID-19 covered as a workers’ compensation claim?

Employees must prove occupational causation to claim COVID-19 on worker's comp.
Graphic indicating economic recovery

State economy post-pandemic exceeding expectations, UA center says

Economic recovery from the pandemic is exceeding expectations in Alabama, and it should continue to do so, barring another shutdown, according to the UA...

Vaccination clinics worked to get Alabamians cleared of COVID-19

Here’s your assignment: Everyone in the state of Alabama needs a double dose of vaccine to avoid a highly contagious and deadly virus. You...

Auburn’s SiO2 Making Vials for the Vaccine

This story appears in the April 2021 issue of Business Alabama magazine As Alabamians and others continue to receive COVID-19 vaccines, we can be thankful...

COVID-19 Litigation: What Alabama Businesses Need to Know

It has been one year since the COVID-19 pandemic began and during that time more than 9,500 COVID-19 related lawsuits have been filed across...

Who Benefits in the Workplace Post-COVID?

Huntsville was recently recognized as the second most prepared midsize metro nationally to work from home. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the...

Ivey signs COVID-19-related relief, job incentive bills into law

Gov. Kay Ivey signed three priority bills into law today, including COVID-19 bills that help taxpayers and businesses, and a bill that renews job-creation...

Angling for Fun (and Profit) in Viral Times

With so many activities curtailed by COVID-19, fishing is attracting even more people to the state’s waters.

Ted’s Restaurant: Birmingham Staple Makes Changes During Pandemic

If you work or live in downtown Birmingham, chances are you have seen or visited Ted’s Restaurant. A staple for Southern cuisine with a Greek...

Birmingham Restaurant Week 2021: Support Your Local Eateries

The COVID-19 pandemic affected all industries across the state, but one continues to take punches — restaurants. According to the Independent Restaurant Coalition, food...

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