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Auburn’s SiO2 Wins Forbes Award for Vaccine Vials

Auburn’s SiO2 Material Science, which is producing vials to house COVID-19 vaccines, has won Best Product in Forbes’ magazines manufacturing awards for 2020. “Glass vials...

Year in Review: Business Dominated By Everything But Business

2020 wasn’t all about COVID-19, though you (and your psyche) might think otherwise. Yes, the pandemic dominated the business landscape, with unemployment burgeoning, employers doing...

Giving Back in a Pandemic Year

How the business community came through in 2020

COVID Test and Urgent Care Site Opens in Mobile

California-based Carbon Health is opening a new clinic in Mobile, first to provide rapid COVID tests and antibody testing, later to transition into an...

Sweet (stay at) Home Alabama

For Valerie Gray, executive director of the Chambers County Development Authority, economic development has always been about more than just facts and stats. While those...

Birmingham Senior Living company to give Incentives for Vaccinations

A Birmingham-based senior living company will soon implement a COVID-19 vaccination incentive program that could eventually earn its employees about $1.1 million. Atlas Senior Living,...

Employee Leave and Accommodations as COVID Cases Spike

It has been over six months since the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”) went into effect and created two new types of leave...

UAB’s GuideSafe Tech Expanded Across State Lines

Every Alabamian using the University of Alabama at Birmingham-developed GuideSafe app for COVID-19 exposure will receive an extra layer of protection beginning today when the...

Business Council of Alabama says to ‘Keep Alabama Open’

With some people suggesting a nationwide shutdown might be in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the Business Council of Alabama is saying the...

COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Brings Unique Supply Chain Management Challenges

Courtesy of Auburn University In a recent Wall Street Journal article, “COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Will Challenge Cargo Airlines,” Doug Cameron, the WSJ’s deputy bureau chief...

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