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Workforce Development

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Statewide Database to Track Loans – McUsury Land

The U.S. economy is recovering and unemployment is at its lowest since the Great Recession. But such declarations givex little comfort to the many...

Gas Tax Low in Alabama By Using Less Gas – Running On Empty

Alabama Transportation Director John Cooper has an impressive background that includes six years as CEO of Avocent Corp., an information technology infrastructure company, as...

Private Equity – Alabama and the Lively Private Equity Market

Since the 2008 recession and tightening of bank lending, private companies have increasingly turned to private equity investors as a source of growth capital...

Spotlight on Montgomery County

Montgomery County, in central Alabama, is part of the state’s River Region and is home to the state’s capital city. Steeped in history, the...

Alabama Tax Tribunal – Long Road to Tax Fairness

On the surface, not much has changed in Suite 301 of the Business Center of Alabama building in Montgomery. The office is in the same...

New South Organic Farm: A Business Model for Organic Farming

It’s a chilly 42 degrees outside on a November afternoon, but inside a covered “tunnel house” on New South Organic Farm near Moundville the...

Common Core: Uncommon Agreement

On the national scene, the educational standards known as Common Core have become a political tempest, and the standards seem destined to become a...

Southern Rail Commission: Update on Alabama’s Passenger Rail Progress

The last step to restoration of passenger rail service between Montgomery and Birmingham was initiated in October, when the Southern Rail Commission completed an...

China and Alabama – Birmingham Dedicates a Year to China

China and Alabama enjoy a profitable relationship. The Eastern giant is second only to Canada as the state’s biggest export market, valued at $2.5...

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