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Futuristic Fingerprinting Now

When the latest Jason Bourne action movie hit theaters in July, so did a high tech fingerprint identification device built by Huntsville company...

Bremont Unveils Boeing 100th Anniversary Watch

British watchmaker Giles English spent an evening with Loring & Co. Fine Jewelers clientele in Huntsville to showcase Bremont’s latest collection, including its...

Nature in Decatur, Neighbor to Arts

Getting rid of bugs has been a Cook family passion for three generations. Now the family has endowed a museum to put those little...

Tractors for Cuba Roll off Alabama Assembly Line

The first five Oggun tractors have rolled off the assembly line, ready for Cuban certification before the Alabama-based company, CleBer LLC, ...

Investment-Grade Porsche Brokers

Thomas Trissl wanted to do something fun after he sold his first flooring company in Florence. Three years ago, he partnered with Jason...

Robo Tech Complete

As the final phase nears completion early this year, the Robotics Technology Park (RTP) in north Alabama remains the only facility of its...

Cultivating Creativity

How do you create an environment conducive to innovation? Drawing on a lifetime of learning and experience, James Blackmon, a research...

Creating the Perfect Tractor for Cuba

Horace Clemmons and Saul Berenthal are at a tradeshow in Cuba this month to promote an Alabama-based tractor company they plan to build near...

Desert Refuge for Troubled Youth

After 10 months of negotiating extreme weather, anxious neighbors and tight security constraints, a new $10.4 million treatment facility for troubled youth...

How Will Technologies Change over the Next 100 Years?

Expectations are high in Huntsville for those answers, which may well be revealed at The Boeing Co.’s new Center for Applied Simulation and...

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Business Catalyst Par Excellence: The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

It was part of the RTJ mission from the beginning: 11 sites and 26 masterful courses that would tee off on business opportunities across the state.

Superlative Burbs: Fairhope

Fairhope is a watchword among Alabama’s cities — known for its history, charm and intense sense of community.

Expansions Continue to Roll

Alabama’s auto sector won the grand prize in 2018, a $1.6 billion greenfield plant that led a year of industry expansion announcements.

Hyundai Sees Opportunity in Collapse of U.S. Sedan Giants

Americans are enamored with the SUV these days. The sedan? Well, it seems U.S. drivers are just not into them the way they use...

New Model, New Record at Honda

Officials at the 4.6 million-square-foot Honda Manufacturing of Alabama plant are looking forward to a successful year after hitting production milestones in 2018.