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Intermark Group opens new office on Birmingham’s Southside

The new office is reflective of Intermark Group's behavior-driven approach to creating clients' branding

Mary Frances Torbert, communications manager of the Intermark Group, talks with a client in the lobby of the company’s new office space on Highland Avenue South.

Intermark Group, a psychology-driven public relations agency, has rebranded and relocated to a new office on Highland Avenue South in Birmingham.

Founded in 1977, Intermark Group has changed its logo to represent its approach to meeting client needs — “The Mind Grenade.”

“No other agency thinks quite like we do,” said Jake McKenzie, CEO. “We leverage the behavioral sciences to produce groundbreaking creative. We work one-on-one with clients to understand consumer beliefs and behaviors — leaning into psych principles to help change them. Our new office is reflective of this philosophy.”

The Highland-Southside office includes psychology-themed rooms and collaborative spaces, as well as an in-house lab where electroencephalography and eye-tracking software are used to understand how audiences react to advertising messages and auditory and visual assets.

Intermark Group

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