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GD Copper: Poster Company for Job Creation Goes Union

By a razor-thin margin, workers at Golden Dragon Copper USA in Pine Hill elected to unionize the plant last November. The vote at the Wilcox County...

Top Business: 2014 in Review

No need for any drum rolls, let’s just do this. The top business stories for 2014 in Alabama, according to a consensus of Business...

Taziki’s: How to Cook Up a $28 Million Franchise

Keith Richards, founder and chief development officer of Birmingham-based Taziki’s Mediterranean Café, first fell in love with feeding the public at 18 years old...

Poarch Creek: Gambling to the Rescue? Don’t Bet on It

Here’s an unexpected development from Goat Hill: Lawmakers are looking at a gap in the state’s General Fund estimated to be $250 million or...

RSA in Line to Recoup $21 Million Over Railcar Deal Settlement

The wheels of justice turn deliberate and true, even when mounted to a troubled railcar deal. Now the case is over and the Retirement...

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