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Guest Column: Alabama should invest in its own

Committing 1% of institutional and private investors' portfolios to local ventures in Alabama could yield transformative results and robust returns.

Guest Column: Let’s accomplish our goal of high-speed internet for all Alabamians

The Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund is critically important in allowing us to hit the gaps in providing all of Alabama with high-speed internet access.

Guest Column: Alabama needs a biotech training center to support a vital, growing industry

A biotech training center and research and development corridors could unlock a growing economic sector in Alabama.

Guest Column: The Corporate Transparency Act adds administrative burden to companies

The Corporate Transparency Act is now in effect and will impact businesses of all sizes.

Guest Column: Foundational changes needed to grow Alabama’s workforce

Alabama Community College System believes a bold change centered on high school students and adults is needed.

Guest Column: Expanding local investment in Opportunity Zones

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking avenues for growth should consider Opportunity Zones.

Guest Column: Protecting your business from widespread ERC scams

Misinformation and widespread scams have created pitfalls for businesses regarding the employee retention credit.

Guest Column: Revisit your Alabama sales tax strategy

Reviewing your sales tax strategy could help with future potential audits and your business' bottom line.

Guest Column: Focusing on the next level of the workforce

To eliminate ‘Help Wanted’ signs, we must shift our focus to labor force participation. The Ivey Administration is doing that.

Leading by Example – The Value of Being Yourself at Work

When no one else in the room is like you, sometimes the first instinct is to try to find a way to fit in....

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