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Test Success for Battlefield of the Future

Huntsville-based space and defense contractor Dynetics just completed a successful test of two small satellite payloads that promise to be key components of what...

Dynetics Lands $356 Million Radar Simulator Contract

Dynetics Inc. has been awarded a sole-source $356 million, 10-year contract for production and sustainment of foreign radar simulators, known as the Laboratory Intelligence...

Dynetics Selected To Compete for NASA’s Human Landing System

Dynetics is one of three prime contractors selected under NASA’s Artemis program to design a Human Landing System (HLS) and compete to build a...

Dynetics’ Tests Advanced UAV Weapon That Comes in Swarms

Huntsville defense contractor Dynetics and the advanced weapons agency it works for announced January 17 the successful test of a new, low-cost drone that...

Dynetics Opens Aerospace Structures Complex

Dynetics’ new Aerospace Structures Complex in Decatur supports the development, integration and structural qualification testing of large aerospace structures for NASA, the Department of Defense and commercial customers.

Dynetics Builds First Real Ray Gun for the Army

Dynetics is partnering with Lockheed Martin to deliver a mobile laser weapon system that can defend the country against drone and ground attacks.

Dynetics to Open Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Aerospace and defense contractor Dynetics will cut the ribbon this Thursday on a major expansion of their Huntsville headquarters complex. Dynetics is adding their sixth...

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