Dynetics wins air monitoring contract for NASA Orion

dynetics- NASA
NASA begins installing Orion adapter for first Artemis moon flight. Photo courtesy of NASA

Huntsville-based Dynetics has been awarded a $17.8 million NASA contract to develop a Laser Air Monitoring System for the Orion spacecraft, beginning with the Artemis mission.

The contract could range as high as $90 million if additional flight units or components are needed for the Orion program or other NASA programs, according to the space agency.

The LAMS is derived from a system developed for the Mars Curiosity rover. It measures oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, temperature and pressure inside Orion during Artemis moon missions. The system can detect unsafe levels in time to allow astronauts to fix problems.

In September, Dynetics delivered a LAMS system to NASA for the Artemis II Orion spacecraft, slated to be the first Artemis mission carrying humans to the moon.

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