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Businesses benefit from the experience of an insurance agent

Carefully crafting your business coverage with an agent allows for collaboration on how to get the most protection out of your policy.

How Alabama insurance companies are dealing with digital, including cyber threats

The same interactions that make business flow more quickly can leave that business vulnerable to attack from half a world away.

Byars|Wright names new president 

Gabe Clement, who has been with the firm since 2014, has been named president. Haig Wright II will remain CEO.

Byars|Wright and Pritchett-Moore merge to form new group

Byars|Wright Insurance and Pritchett-Moore Insurance have entered into a merger agreement, establishing the Where Relationships Matter Group LLC

Byars|Wright Gets Growing

Haig Wright II was the 30-year-old president of his father, Dick Wright’s, insurance agency, Primm-Wright Inc., when in 1990, the agency merged with Byars...

Byars|Wright expands in North Alabama

Byars|Wright Insurance has launched its new employee benefits department with the acquisition of Decatur-based Business to Business Solutions’ (B2B) employee benefits assets. With this...

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