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Port of Mobile posts record year for containerized cargo; updates image

Containerized cargo hit a record high 500,000 TEUs in 2021, up 19% from previous year. The port also introduced a new website and branding.

HGR opens industrial equipment warehouse in Birmingham

HGR Industrial Surplus, based in the Cleveland area, has announced plans to open an industrial equipment warehouse in Birmingham. Up until now, HGR has served...

PS Logistics subsidiary acquires Scout Logistics

TA Services Inc., a third-party logistics provider and subsidiary of Birmingham-based PS Logistics, has acquired Canada-based Scout Logistics Corp., a specialist in over-the-road transportation...

Wright Transportation invests $3.5 million in safe drivers

Wright Transportation Inc. is proud to announce the addition of 23 new trucks to their fleet to recognize excellence in safety among their drivers. The...

Meet the Master of Logistics

Tom McLeod founded a national leader in logistics — Hoover-based McLeod Software, with 450 employees dedicated to the increasingly complex operations of 950 trucking fleets.

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