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The Alabama origin of Lehman Bros.

In New York harbor on a mid-September day in 1844, a long voyage to America came to an end for a 21-year-old Bavarian man...

Spotlight: Autauga & Elmore Counties

Autauga and Elmore counties, just north of the state capitol, offer an array of job opportunities, amenities and tourism options.

Spotlight on Autauga & Elmore: Culture & Recreation

From agricultural arenas and artesian wells in Prattville to the impact crater in Wetumpka, this area has something for everyone to enjoy.

Spotlight on Autauga & Elmore: Higher Education

Two colleges call Autauga and Elmore counties home, while a wealth of higher education institutions are in nearby Montgomery.

Spotlight on Autauga & Elmore: Community Development

Downtown improvements abound in Prattville, Wetumpka, Millbrook and Tallassee. Pictured is Wetumpka, the recent star of HGTV's "Home Town Takeover."

Spotlight on Autauga & Elmore: Health Care

Autauga and Elmore counties are served by three hospitals, each of which provides a variety of services for their patients.

Take the January 2022 AlaBiz Quiz

Challenge yourself with the December 2021 Alabiz Quiz featuring Alabama business-related puzzlers from the past.

Spotlight on Autauga & Elmore: Movers & Shapers

Through their work and volunteering, these individuals help shape the communities of Autauga and Elmore counties.

Spotlight on Autauga & Elmore Counties: Economic Engines

Autauga and Elmore counties have attracted numerous manufacturers and tourism is becoming an economic engine, as well.

An Alabama prison reboot

Government entities across the country are quarreling about how to spend COVID-19 relief money — called the American Rescue Plan (ARPA) — and some,...

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