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What do you know about Alabama’s timber economy?

AlaBiz Quiz - January 2022

1) JANUARY 2022: Trees are a vital part of Alabama’s agricultural economy. Which of these statements is not true?(Required)
2) DECEMBER 2021 (one month ago): A prominent federal agency is building a $1 billion campus at Redstone Arsenal. What agency is it?(Required)
3) JANUARY 2021 (one year ago): A major Alabama-based industry turned 100 in 2021, and it’s still in the family. What company is it?(Required)
4) JANUARY 2017 (five years ago): Business Alabama’s annual Year in Review section highlighted scores of landmark business stories from 2016. Which did not happen in 2016?(Required)
5) JANUARY 2012 (10 years ago): Looking at major developments of 2011, Business Alabama highlighted an Alabama native who moved to the helm of a major international business in 2011. Which business was it?(Required)
6) JANUARY 1997 (25 years ago): Business Alabama introduced members of the Alabama state government with thoughts from the justices of the state supreme court and biographies of Gov. Fob James’ cabinet. Who was lieutenant governor?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the January 2022 issue of Business Alabama.

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