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Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association

Click here to download and view the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association section featured in February 2015.

Economic Development in Big Business: Growing Up with the Job

In many ways, economic development work is all about the numbers — tax rates, property prices, wage averages, financial incentives. At some point in...

Department of Senior Services: Keeping Seniors Home and Healthy

The Alabama Department of Senior Services coordinates a variety of programs for senior citizens and people with disabilities that reach thousands of individuals across...

Cuba Is Closer To Us Than Canada

Canada was Alabama’s biggest export partner in 2013, the most recent data available, buying $4.3 billion in total merchandise, according to the U.S. Department...

Millennial Workplaces: Matches Made in Space

The workplace is changing. Meetings are held over a game of ping pong. Cubicles give way to hotel seating. Naps are fine now. As millennials...

Bioscience: Careful What You Wish For?

Last fall, U.K.-based Oxford Pharmaceuticals announced plans to build a $29 million, 120, 000-square-foot manufacturing facility at Birmingham’s Jefferson Metropolitan Lakeshore Industrial Park by...

Brandon Kruse: A Prodigy’s School for Entrepreneurs

Brandon Kruse is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who’s already made millions. So, what drives him now? He loves fast cars, but what really ignites his passion...

Sony Attack – Risk Assessment: Exceedingly Vast

Daniel Clemens is the founder of Birmingham-based Packet Ninjas, a small cyber security company that counts among its clients Nasdaq, Harvard University, Energen and...

Spotlight on Jefferson County

Jefferson County in central Alabama is the state’s economic and cultural center. It is the largest county by population and home to the largest...

Mercedes-Benz USA – Quality of Life: The New Best Incentive

When Mercedes-Benz USA announced in January it would move its U.S. headquarters south from New Jersey to Atlanta, the story quickly moved to the...

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