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Spotlight on Covington & Butler Counties

Downtown Greenville is just 40 miles south of Montgomery. Photo courtesy of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce Covington and...

Where R&D Goes to School

UAH engineering students learn while manufacturing in the co-op program with Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama,...

Career Notes, April 2018

Who's moving up?

From Ball Fields to Boardrooms

The business side of members of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

Endowment Management at the Top

There is a reason why it appears that Auburn and Alabama’s fundraising activities are in higher gear than ever before. It’s because they are....

A Life-Critical Hedge Bet

VAP Diagnostics’ cholesterol test solves the 60 percent inaccuracy of standard tests. New investors bet this critical technology will flourish, after an earlier fumble by private equity.

Municipal Multi-tasking

Frank Brocato knows about recruiting technology companies, dousing high-rise fires and birthing mall babies.

A Look at the Biosciences Industry in Alabama

Peggy Sammon, CEO, GeneCapture Inc. and Chair, BIO Alabama ...

Alabama Biotech Investment 101

A strong support network has led Alabama biotechs to land $101 million in venture capital since 2012. Working in one of the toughest investment sectors, research-based startups have well defined paths to commercial success on home turf.

Proctors on Tuition/Debt Inflation

Chief academic officers at Alabama universities tell us what they are doing to assist students in a climate of rising tuition and debt.

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