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Closing the Skills Gap

Even with an unemployment rate hovering at around 7.9 percent, many U.S. industry leaders say that one of their toughest challenges is...

Oil Spill Testimony Begins Flowing

The economic future of British oil giant BP hung in the balance during opening testimony in a long-anticipated federal court action over BP’s...

Rail Car Plant Runs Full Circle, Back to Rail Cars

From rail cars to real crisis to truck line and back to rail cars. It’s taken several years, but the massive plant...

Critical Thinking Command

Gen. Charles Krulak took the job of president of Birmingham-Southern College in March 2011, following a career in the Marine Corps and...

Class Action Claimed in No-Class Cruise

More than 100 passengers from the crippled Carnival cruise ship Triumph, that limped into the port of Mobile at the end of...

Seafood Sales Summit

People who make their living selling seafood got together in Mobile on March 6 for what was billed as the first annual Alabama...

Gambling Raiders Ride Again

Swinging a bingo-circling legal lasso, Attorney General Luther Strange targeted both Indian and non-Indian electronic gambling late this winter.  State forces —...

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