Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Advice from the Front Lines

“They needed what I made and had markets for it.” Mary Beth Greene saw a...

Mama is Cooking

Taco Mama currently has five locations with another four in the planning stages.   Will Haver was a fan of fresh...

The Modern Sales Force

A blog offering advice about a great sales team likens the process to that of putting together a pro football team: You have to...

Smartphone Groceries

ABOVE “Life has plenty of demands already — jobs, family, so many things. Fitting in time to go buy groceries...

The 90 Percent of Training in Your Head

Clinical psychologist Bhrett McCabe fashioned a practice aimed at optimizing athletic performance and branded it The MindSide.

Social Entrepreneurs at Work

Back in 2012, a friend invited Birmingham banker Barry Morehead on a trip to Bangalore, India, to advise a group of...

Bringing Lifesaving to Market

In February 2003, legendary rock band Great White began playing to a packed house at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island when the...

Programs on Demand for Small Businesses

Chambers of commerce across Alabama are providing small business members ever more valuable resources, including training, counseling, networking and business incubation...

Big Data, Big Hospital Venture

Makul Mehra, M.D., a Birmingham gastroenterologist, says he first met entrepreneur G.T. LaBorde while attending parent orientation at their children’s grade...

How to Do Food Franchises

“Wow, great pizza, ” lunch breaking Mobile police officers verbally approve, huddling over pepperoni in the first degree. Other customers of Uncle...

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Market Volatility: Weighing the Wide Swings

Why what happened in 2018 is not out of the ordinary. Why not to overreact.

Spotlight on Montgomery County

Montgomery County, in central Alabama, is part of the state’s River Region and is home to the state’s capital city, Montgomery.

Airbus Breaks Ground on New Assembly Line in Mobile

When the new Airbus A220 line gears up, Mobile will be the fourth largest producer of commercial aircraft in the world.

Birmingham Scrutinizes its Workforce

Birmingham put the numbers to its job market and found a lot of work to be done. For one, its IT segment grew 77 percent in five years, creating a job gap that will grow over the next decade.

Winning the Plant, Finding the Workforce

Alabama auto industry ramps up workforce development efforts in advance of the new Mazda Toyota plant.