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Wanna Bet? Don’t Do It in Alabama

For decades, an unconfirmed statistic has floated around that Alabama has more illegal sports betting per capita than any other state in the nation.

Complying with GDPR: Where Are Your Blind Spots?

Explore the common misunderstandings that may help you as you assess whether your company has any obligations under GDPR.

How Can Alabama Businesses Prepare for the New Data Breach Notification Law?

On June 1, Alabama’s new data breach notification law goes into effect. What can Alabama businesses do to prepare and protect themselves?

When Data Balloons, So Can Law Costs

Excess data quickly becomes a liability, says Burr & Forman’s Marty Burke. ...

Top Dollar Jury Awards

In Alabama’s largest jury award of the past five years  — $140 million — a Baldwin County jury was outraged that a woman died...

Crackdown Still Hard on Business

Paul Moore vividly remembers when House Bill 56 was approved.  “We lost a lot of good people, ” Moore says. “The ones who...

Investors Beware

Back in 2010, Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc., a securities underwriting firm, began selling $39 million in bonds on behalf of...

New Game Board for Overtime Pay

We spoke with Jenna Bedsole, a specialist in labor and employment law, to get her insights on recent federal policy changes that...

Front Line Answer Man

In hindsight, there was a particularly fortuitous moment that impacted Mark Crosswhite’s career like no other. It came when he showed up the...

Writing for the Judge

Lawyers are lionized in movies for their abilities as orators, but in real life, it’s their gifts for crafting written arguments that...

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