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463 Alabama Cities and Towns Queue for CARES Relief

Alabama's 463 cities and towns are in the virus crisis queue for their share of the $1.9 billion the CARES Act appears to have...

Cam Ward: Back Local Retail in Ala.’s Sales-Tax Economy

This is part of a continuing series of commentaries by Alabama business and community leaders about the coronavirus crisis.

Law Software Entrepreneur Raises $1.5 Million

Former practicing attorney turned entrepreneur Lauren Sturdivant recently raised $1.5 million in Series Seed II investment funding for the Birmingham company she founded in...

State Census Initiative Fights an Uphill Battle

Gov. Kay Ivey leads a rally calling for Alabama residents to participate in the 2020 Census that officially begins on April 1, but her...

Top COVID-19 Issues Business Clients Ask Attorneys

What business clients are asking their attorney about COVID-19: How to protect their employees, how to handle business disruptions and how to address contractual obligations

PFAS in Drinking Water Widespread, Toxic, New Studies Find

New studies by scientists reviewing 26 types of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) found that they all display at least one characteristic of cancer-causing...

Financial Rock Star, Former Harbert Manager, Has Assets Frozen

Masterworks by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol were among the swag sold by infamous hedge fund operator Philip Falcone that prompted a New York...

Prioritizing Prisons

State officials hope a build-lease approach to new prisons will be the key to solving Alabama’s chronic prison overcrowding. But details are scarce.

Trade War a Political Coup But Economic Zero, Says RSA Analyst

The trade war with China has been a big political success for President Donald Trump, although it's a zero on the economic accounting ledger,...

Super Tuesday State Power Initiatives Win, Lose

She’s an accidental governor of sorts, elected after the state’s previous chief executive couldn’t keep his hand on the tiller, yet Gov. Kay Ivey...

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