Central Highlands

Culverhouse College of Commerce – Value Investing U

C.T. Fitzpatrick has created a successful career in value investing. And he definitely sees value in investing $3 million in the University of Alabama’s...

BBVA’s Digital Banking Think Tank

BBVA Compass has recently made several large investments in its banking hub of Birmingham. In 2012, the city was host to a $360 million...

Birmingham Building Boom

The magic is back. Birmingham is booming — uptown, midtown, downtown. New buildings are going up. Old buildings are being restored. A new energy,...

Woodlawn Community: Birmingham’s Woodlawn Regenerates Itself

Tony Bayles, owner and chef of Bayles Catering in Birmingham’s Woodlawn community, gets to work early each morning — real early — usually around...

Spotlight on Jefferson County

Jefferson County in central Alabama is the state’s economic and cultural center. It is the largest county by population and home to the largest...

The Tower: Prestige Digs in Tuscaloosa

Real estate developer William Yandell was having lunch with his son in downtown Tuscaloosa in 2009 when he spotted one of the city’s iconic...

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