Lyric Partners Introduces Lullabuddy

Birmingham-based Lyric Partners LLC recently birthed Lullabuddy, a portable player and speaker pre-loaded with music from Mae Robertson’s lullaby and love song collection.

Lyric Partners, publisher of 10 CDs by Robertson, has been in operation since 1994, and its children’s media offerings have been honored by the American Library Association, Child Magazine and others.

Their new online offering, Lullabuddy, is designed to help soothe and calm babies. “Before birth, babies hear the muted sounds of their environment traveling through the womb and the rhythmic sounds of their mother’s heart and respiration,” says Robertson, inventor of the product. After they’re born, a noisier world sets in. Lullabuddy quiets the scene with lullabies that are often in ¾ time, giving them a swaying motion that mimics time spent in the womb.

Lullabuddy requires no internet or downloading and can play for up to 18 hours when fully charged or continuously when plugged in. It has a shuffle setting, a one-hour timer and is Bluetooth enabled to play music from other devices.

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Offered at $60, Lullabuddy can be purchased online at

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