What Businesses Should Know in Labor and Employment

Balch & Bingham attorneys and presenters pictured at the annual conference on labor and employment.

The workplace is constantly evolving, and it is challenging to keep up with the regulations that impact businesses, both large and small. Balch & Bingham recently hosted its annual Labor & Employment Conferences to inform business professionals of some of the most recent changes.

“As today’s workplace challenges continue to evolve, there is a great need for employers and managers to stay informed on the latest developments, best practices and case studies in labor and employment laws, management and workplace policies,” said Jeff Starling, chair of Balch & Bingham’s Labor & Employment Practice. “Our annual conference provides attendees with actionable steps to implement workplace policies that will help them minimize risks, avoid disputes, protect employees and achieve their strategic business goals.”

The conferences, held in Birmingham and Biloxi, Mississippi in September, covered off-duty conduct, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s strategic plan, non-compete agreements, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and avoiding mistakes in hiring.

For example, Alabama employers learned how to navigate Alabama’s three-year-old Fair Competition Restrictive Covenant Act, including the limitations, risks and opportunities non-compete agreements provide and best practices for protecting trade secrets.

The conference also covered the latest Supreme Court mandates and executive actions, an update from the Internal Revenue Service, which Employer Shared Responsibility Payment responses work best, an overview of the 2020 presidential candidates’ healthcare plans, current administration and congressional policies and how they could impact the ACA, as well as the latest in Medicaid expansions in states. In addition, the conference covered why baby boomers are moving from employer insurance to Medicare.

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The keynote speaker for the conference was Michael Johnson, CEO of Clear Law Institute, who has been recognized for his ability to assess credibility when interviewing witnesses during an investigation and how to determine the signs of truthfulness and deception based on scientifically validated methods.

For more information on the conference, visit www.balch.com/news-and-events/events/2019/2019-labor-and-employment-conference.

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