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Which automakers are gearing up to make batteries for electric vehicles?

AlaBiz Quiz - March 2023

1) MARCH 2023: Virtually all of Alabama’s automakers are gearing up for electric vehicles. Which two are also making or about to make batteries here?(Required)
2) February 2023 (one month ago): The new Tony & Libba Rane Center at Auburn University is home to what professional discipline?(Required)
3) MARCH 2022 (one year ago): A credit union announced plans to drop an unpopular fee. Since then, many banks and credit unions have also dropped the fee. What fee?(Required)
4) MARCH 2018 (five years ago): Businessman Michael E. Stephens bequeathed $3.6 million to an Alabama university, its largest gift ever. What university? Hint: its college of business is named for him.(Required)
5) MARCH 2013 (10 years ago): Two oil fields in one Alabama county were reversing the state’s declining oil production, accounting for half of the state’s production. What county?(Required)
6) MARCH 1998 (25 years ago): A hot topic in state government was the effort to prevent people in what line of work from serving in the Legislature?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the March 2023 issue of Business Alabama.

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