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Otelco expands broadband in Etowah and Jefferson counties

Otelco, a telecommunications provider, is investing $1.2 million in gigabit internet in parts of Etowah and Jefferson counties. The investment adds 200 miles of...

C Spire acquires Troy Cablevision Inc.

C Spire is acquiring Troy Cablevision Inc. in a move that will expand C Spire’s growing broadband access in the Wiregrass. The transaction includes...

Phone Fix-Up Needed

It’s hard enough each fall remembering when to reset clocks for the end of Daylight Saving time. Now you also have to remember to...

Little Telecom Targets the Digital Divide

North Alabama-based Otelco is one of the 25 largest of the 800 local exchange carriers in the U.S. It’s positioned to profit on the closing of the digital divide in rural America.

Pioneer Telecom OTELCO Expands Alabama Broadband

OTELCO, a pioneer independent telecom, announces it is investing more than $5 million to improve broadband connectivity in Alabama.

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