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Smucker’s plant in McCalla on schedule for 2024 opening

The director of operations for the $1.1 billion J.M. Smucker plant planned for McCalla says construction is on target and the plant is hiring

Smucker’s shoots for $1 billion in Uncrustables sales

A $1 billion plant under construction in McCalla, a new R&D facility in Ohio and an expansion in Colorado are key to expanding Smucker's Uncrustables brand.

Smucker touts McCalla facility, announces new products

The J.M. Smucker Co. today announced new varieties of its popular Uncrustables product and also touted kicking off construction of its $1.1 billion plant in McCalla

Smucker’s planning $1.1 billion plant in Jefferson County

A planned $1.1 billion Smucker’s plant in McCalla is one of the largest in Jefferson County’s history and would create 750 new jobs.

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