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Historic Alabama: U.S. Foil Company

R.S. Reynolds' aluminum reduction plant in Listerhill was in production until 1980.

South students build satellite to study Earth’s plasma layer

University of South Alabama students built JagSat-1, which currently orbits the Earth measuring free electron density.

Alabama companies contributed to Webb telescope success

A look at Alabama companies involved in the James Webb Space Telescope project

Spotlight: Lauderdale & Colbert counties

Building on its musical legacy, the Shoals offers a variety of programs to encourage development and residency.

Spotlight on Lauderdale & Colbert: Culture & Recreation

Historic homes, museums, golf courses and more attract visitors to the Shoals, including the Florence Indian Mound Museum.

Spotlight on Lauderdale & Colbert: Higher Education

Three higher education institutions provide several certificate and degree options for area residents.

Spotlight on Lauderdale & Colbert: Community Development

Economic growth continues as local officials make downtown improvements, encourage public-private partnerships and entice residents to the area.

Retrospect: Birmingham’s first banker

Charles Linn established the National Bank of Birmingham, becoming Birmingham's first banker.

Spotlight on Lauderdale & Colbert: Health Care

Three medical facilities serve the residents of Lauderdale and Colbert counties, including Helen Keller Hospital.

Spotlight on Lauderdale & Colbert: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities of Lauderdale and Colbert counties, including Penny Camp, of Bank Independent.

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