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Historic Alabama: November 2021

One of Alabama’s most venerable businesses is turning 125 this year. Royal Cup Coffee began percolating in 1896.

Alabama Association of Realtors leads charge to defeat federal eviction moratorium

On Sept. 4, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order to temporarily halt residential evictions in an effort to...

Retrospect: The story of Keller Motors Corp.

The story of Huntsville's Keller Motors Corp.

Predicting the weather in space

It’s hard enough to predict weather on Earth — imagine trying to predict the weather between here and the sun. Space weather is a...

Commercial real estate remains steady in Alabama

Alabama’s residential real estate market is hot. We get that. It’s in all the news. What has not made headlines is the commercial property...

Spotlight: Jackson, Marshall, DeKalb and Cherokee Counties

Jackson, Marshall, DeKalb and Cherokee counties in northeast Alabama are close to the high-tech and manufacturing opportunities in the Huntsville/Madison County area, as well...

Spotlight on Jackson, Marshall, DeKalb & Cherokee: Culture & Recreation

Lake Guntersville State Park • Alabama’s largest lake was created in 1938 when the Tennessee Valley Authority dammed portions of the Tennessee River to...

Spotlight on Jackson, Marshall, DeKalb & Cherokee: Community Development

Jackson County Jackson County was selected to participate in the Rural Recovery Accelerator, a new community-oriented technical assistance program to help rural communities build economic...

Commercial Real Estate Firms 2021

Alabama's commercial real estate firms ranked by number of employees. The source for this listing is surveys conducted by Business Alabama. Click here to view...

Spotlight on Jackson, Marshall, DeKalb & Cherokee: Higher Education

Northeast Alabama Community College Northeast Alabama Community College is a major provider of higher education, career and technical programs, degrees and certificates. The main campus...

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