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Opinion: Offshore Energy a Must for Alabama Manufacturing

Energy in Alabama employed nearly one in 17 here in 2015, according tothe Energy Institute of Alabama. The 124, 000 working in the...

Garage Sale

A repurposed parking garage creates a great retail deal for Huntsville.

Real Estate Huddle in Birmingham

Commercial real estate specialists gather to brainstorm next month.

Investment-Grade Distress

Two youths of the Great Recession dove into the frenzy of distressed real estate and made it an investment-grade discipline.

Ezell’s Catfish on the River

Ezell’s became a restaurant in the 1950s, but its history goes back to riverboats and fish fries on the hunting camp lawn.

Re-equipping the Underemployed

A new Innovate Birmingham initiative helps disciplined workers move from menial to meaningful.

Diving into City Hall

Randall Woodfin was elected mayor of Birmingham on Oct. 3,   defeating incumbent William Bell in...

Major League Scouts Assay Alabama

Baseball dominance has always been rich in Alabama, whether considering historic stars like Satchel Paige and Henry Aaron or modern greats Craig Kimbrel...

Should You Be Loved or Feared?

Is being liked or feared the best strategy for the modern workplace manager? The answer, according to two researchers who studied 51, 836...

What's Coming in 2018

Whatever happens in 2018, we apparently won’t be hearing it from Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose or Bill O’Reilly. The winds of gender...

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