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Rosie’s Garage Rides for the Tribe

Like a lot of retired university professors with a Ph.D. in business logistics, Janice Bowers decided to open a motorcycle ministry and support...

RSA’s Big Deals for the Home Place

In December 2014, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Retirement Systems of Alabama in Denson v. Bronner, a lawsuit...

Economic Incentives Retooled

Alabama needed to update its incentives to stay competitive with other Southeastern states, says Rick...

Communal Entrepreneurs

The coworking movement that has gained momentum nationally for the past decade is now spreading across Alabama, with coworking spaces available in Mobile,...

Obesity Initiative Hits Scale for 10th Year

Every January brings an opportunity to start anew, and that’s just what 157 Alabamians did last month to kick off the start of...

Rough Sailing for International Shipholding

Mobile-based International Shipholding Corp. began trading under the symbol ISHC on the OTCQX market in December after falling off the New York Stock Exchange...

Sunlight & Steel Voilà

We are a plugged-in society without enough plugs. We have reached the point where the most prized real estate inside any public building is...

Spotlight on Marion, Fayette & Lamar Counties

Marion, Fayette and Lamar counties in northwest Alabama land on several lists for great places to live, raise a family and work....

Institution Cultivator

From ag to academia — Jay Gogue bookends his career at Auburn.

Custom Manufacturing by Listening

Mark McClanahan looked at the growing automotive industry in Alabama and saw a window of opportunity. And a door. And a hood. A...

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