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O’Neal opening steel fabrication facility in Fayette

O’Neal Manufacturing Services plans to invest $5.5 million to open a steel fabrication facility in Fayette

Beautifying Fayette: A community endeavor

How a small Alabama town came together to clean up the city of Fayette.

Showa wins FDA nod for biodegradable glove

Showa Group, the only provider of U.S.-made PPE gloves, has won FDA approval for its biodegradable medical gloves.

SHOWA set to triple glove production in U.S.

SHOWA Group's Fayette facility’s capacity will reach 2.8 billion gloves annually when the expansion is complete.

SHOWA Group opens expanded Fayette plant

SHOWA Group celebrated the opening of its expanded facility in Fayette as accelerated production comes online. The decision to invest $35 million in the Alabama...

SHOWA Group Expansion in Fayette on Target for 2021

SHOWA Group, the only domestic manufacturer of single-use, nitrile PPE gloves in the U.S., recently shared the progress of its announced expansion with Congressman...

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