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Huntsville International Airport Taxiway Improved

The taxiway C at Huntsville International Airport has reopened after a multi-million-dollar upgrade to minimize mid-field runway crossings, thus increasing the safety of the...

Jones’ Bill Aims to Help Small Businesses Avoid Double Whammy

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones and Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy have teamed up to propose legislation that would help protect small businesses from a double...

Jones Says His Bill Will Give Factories New Life

Just last month, three Alabama plants announced plans to close — Goodyear in Gadsden and Honeywell and Monarch Windows and Doors, both in Anniston. All...

Jones Urges Creation of Health Care Manufacturing Task Force

With visions of a new wave of industrial renaissance for Alabama, U.S. Sen. Doug Jones has urged Gov. Kay Ivey to create a health...

Family Farm Relief Bill Proposed by Jones, Grassley Signed into Law

Bipartisan legislation to help family farmers avoid bankruptcy has been signed into law by President Donald Trump.

Sen. Doug Jones to Keynote Israeli Tech Partnership Event

U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, D-Alabama, will give keynote remarks next week at a conference on creating technology partnerships between Alabama and Israeli businesses.

What’s Your Credit Score? FICO Helps With Answers

For the average consumer, there are many mysteries surrounding credit scores. What is a FICO score? Is it really necessary to monitor this metric...

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