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Alabama Tourism Department: Shining Marketing Example — Alabama’s Eats

The Alabama Tourism Department’s two-year food campaign, designed to draw residents and visitors alike to dine on the state’s tastiest samplings, has earned the South’s...

Alabama Power Foundation: Inside Alabama’s Largest Foundation

The Alabama Power Foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the state and the 29th largest corporate foundation in the country, according to The...

The Locker Room: Retail Legend on the Strip

Alex Gatewood looked a lot like a typical University of Alabama student when he drove into Tuscaloosa in 1964 pulling a U-Haul and seeking...

Hoover 3 Portfolio: Hoover Portfolio Changes Hands in $63M Deal

Berkadia, a multifamily investment banking and research company, recently negotiated the sale of the Hoover 3 Portfolio, an 825-unit portfolio comprised of three properties...

Lunar Flashlight: Mining the Moon’s Shadows

Scientists plan to cultivate and use mass amounts of hidden water ice on the moon with two missions developed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight...

The Tower: Prestige Digs in Tuscaloosa

Real estate developer William Yandell was having lunch with his son in downtown Tuscaloosa in 2009 when he spotted one of the city’s iconic...

The Gas Price Bonus: Alabama 2nd to Tennessee on Gas Savings

Compared to a year ago, Americans are saving almost $110 million dollars a day on gas prices, gasbuddy.com, a Maryland-based fuel comparison website, estimated...

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